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The Trash Heap Has Spoken

March 29, 2009

Words of wisdom often come from the strangest of places. Witness the pile of debris that the Fraggles visit. When they’re not dancing their cares away, they’re worrying for another day. Whom do they encounter, but Madam Trash Heap ready to dispense with her smelly yet sage advice.

I have my own Madam, and I call her trash tv. I visit her nightly. She’s a giver, and I’m hungry. I reach into her open hand of eye candy, I taste her delicious bonbonmots, and I await her voice with eager ears ever discerning the lyric, which I, like the shepherd David, will harp upon the rest of my days…or until another salvific piece of syndication washes o’er me.

My current shrine: “KINGS”. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Stylized Sunday soap opera on NBC that plays like a Battlestar Galactica that never left Caprica? If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an interesting re-imagining of the Saul/David stories of yon. Or as some critics would say…of yawn. Why do I crave it like a fat boy craves Skittles?

Eternal recurrence.

All this has happened before and will happen again.

Suddenly the “Old” Testament isn’t as old (Yes, I know it’s the Hebrew Bible…I wanted to have a lil ageist fun)

Thank God for religion, eh? Its creators have given us several stories to reinterpret and watch on hulu in the witching hours. Now granted, the characters in “Kings” do not come right out and verbalize the above quote, but the show’s mythology is steeped in the sentiment – a sentiment also explored by Battlestar Galactica, Peter Pan, and Friedrich Nietzsche. (I’m just now realizing the grouping of that trio…and I’m hoping some academic reads this and offers a course with that title at a Learning Annex near you)

“Kings” illustrates a New York that’s ours, but isn’t…a tale we’ve heard, but haven’t. But it’s underlying message is my mantra for the week: there is nothing new under the sun.

“Kings” is a real doozer, ye Fraggles, and I invite you to let the music play…down from David’s rock.

Tell 'em Large Marge told ya.

Tell 'em Large Marge told ya.

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