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Chasing Rabbits

April 5, 2009

One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small
And the ones that Mother give you don’t do anything at all.

Such is the case with this cold I can’t seem to shake…so I’m chasing Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail out of their cardboard box and bringing them toward my nostrils at a rate that equals the snort of a Bret Easton Ellis’ character. No rusty pipes here, Julian.

What’s a boy to do in between Vick’s VapoRubs and supine slumber…
Write the next great American novel?
Outline his last will and testament?
Or…catch up on all those graphic novels he HAD to have at the expense of paying down student loans.

print_dc-teentitans01aIf you are afflicted with Peter Pan syndrome, as am I, you already know the answer. You also already know that last night I was reading Teen Titans – a graphic novel where the younger versions of America’s great superhero triumvirate attempt to vanquish the baddies their predecessors couldn’t. I say “attempt,” however, because, more often than not, these Titans are falling, like Alice, into the rabbit hole. They are searching, like us, for elusive answers to existential questions.

Why is elusive good?
Survey says:

DEEP POOL ANSWER – Elusive means that answers have to be experienced rather than summarily given. Cross-reference Jabberwocky and “The Walrus and The Carpenter.”

KIDDIE POOL ANSWER – Elusive also births sequels and franchises. Elusive is pop culture’s “Big Edge” building ever onward and upward toward the big payload.

And when you’re sick, sequels are like Sucrets. They provide immediate gratification and leave just enough of a tickle that you’ll stay attached to the box.

Elusiveness means that we’ll always be chasing rabbits.
So grab your graphic novel and join me.

Remember what the Dormouse said?
“Feed your head.”

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