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There’s a place for us…

April 10, 2009

These enchanting lyrics first reached our ears via Maria. “We” were told and many believed that somehow, somewhere, a community existed for “us” – an idyllic utopia where we’d find a new way of living.

A place…

Today’s blog topic: having some etymological fun with place.
Bring out  your Wheelock’s and let the Latin games begin.

Place is to topos as English is to Latin.
Using the Latin, let’s take a look at some of the “places” for us.
Hold my hand and I’ll take you there.


utopia1Autotopia – a band and a Disneyland attraction

Fruitopia – a beverage

Dinotopia – a land before time

Ewe-topia: provides training for herddogs!

Topia – a city and seat of the municipality of Topia, in the state of Durango, north-western Mexico.

Culturetopia – an NPR podcast!


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