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You Know You’re A ‘Mo When…

June 12, 2009

You cut out the bottoms of paper cups to use them to shield bullets on the way to your invisible plane…

You were in a handbell choir…for a year…six

Your first full novel read as a child  is “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret?”…

You get a body wave only to graduate to a perm (x2) in junior high….

You sit with a tape recorder in front of the tv to record Duckie’s final speech in “Pretty in Pink”…

You repeat said speech in front of the bathroom mirror yet afraid actually to look in the mirror…

You come out(ish) to your Honors English class not ex tempore but via a drafted letter…

Your PE credits in college were social dance and ballroom technique.

Your first professional acting role is a rabbit…that’s velveteen….

You know Chess lyrics and not chess strategy..

Your second day in Tokyo takes you to…Tokyo Disney…

You’re more moved by Jesus’ torso than Mary’s gaze…

You like the doughnut holes more than the doughnuts…

You’re selling “color down there” to the trendy gays and grays in Menhattan

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